We thought it would be a good idea to try something a little different when it comes to creating a better world. We're setting out on a quest to find out if there are common threads amongst people as to what their true utopia is. There have been a lot of things created in this world to attempt to create a utopian world, but we don't know of anything that is simply gathering information from everyone and compiling it into common categories and thoughts (let us know if it already exists). We have also studied some of the projects we've found about this, and compiled some information about them.

We also know from our own knowledge, as well as results from other projects, that people have different ideas of what their utopia is, and that one person' utopia can indeed conflict with someone else's. We acknowledge that and therefore want to see if there are common threads which do not conflict. It's at least worth a try. We also want to explore what kind of utopia's can work to make win-win situations for all, if that's even possible.

Our plan is to break this up into several phases to pull information together, organize it, study it, and then continue with the next phase until we start getting some concrete data and answers.

Phase 1: Submit your Utopia.

Collect general ideas from everyone without any guidelines. Think of this as a brainstorming phase. There are no wrong answers. - organizing by repeating themes/topics/etc

Please complete the form below. There is no wrong submission except for obvious spamming. This is a wide open question! We only ask you to please keep things organized and thought out, so it's easier to read through.

Use these questions if you are having trouble thinking of what to submit, they can help guide you to what we are seeking: What is your vision of utopia? What would exist within your utopia? What types of conflicts might you see in your utopia with other people's utopia's? Have you seen similar examples of what you would want in any capacity?

Phase 2

Coming soon…

Collect information again, but this time offering selections to choose from that were the most common themes from phase 1. It will also include a fill in the blank to continue data from phase 1. We will also produce corrections to questions and answers if the need arises to improve this phase.

Phases 3, 4, etc

We have some ideas of what more phases may look like, but honestly we do not know where this might end up taking us, so we don't want to assume and direct without leaving the door open for unexpected results and direction.

Our phase 3 idea for now, would be to compile the data, produce the results of the most common themes or ideas, and any information we may have garnered from that. Then ask everyone again if they agree with the conclusions, notice anything we haven't, or have any additional ideas of what worked or didn't work.

Then phase 4 would possibly be enacting on the information by suggesting ways to achieve such a utopia, if it seems possible.