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Purchasing a new tech gadget, device, software, service, etc

Things to consider

There are many things to think about before making a purchase. Having a list in front of you can be very valuable in circumventing what sellers don't tell you or draw your attention to tactics to get you to buy from them.


Will the features it offers lock you into forever upgrades? If you start using a specific feature, is it compatible with other devices or software for taking your info with you when you upgrade to a new device, or does it lock you into forever having to purchase that software or device to continue using it? For me, this is one of my biggest pet peeves and a big decision maker. Sometimes a device, software, or service has something I love about it, but then I find out that I will end up always having to use it and continually upgrade, whether the service or device gets better or worse. For instance, I love my note-taking software because I have built years of information within it, and I know it's not going to be supported for much longer, but there are multiple other softwares that import and export the information in a relatively similar format (as long as I'm aware of not using too many specific features). That gives me peace of mind for when I can no longer use it, and not have to waste my time going through and reformatting everything I've saved! There's no need to mention what the software I use is, because it's already being discontinued, but it could be exported into software similar to Evernote.

Internet Browsers

I cleared the cache and now my pages aren't loading. Was clearing the cache what caused it?
No it is not. The cache is what stores a temporary, local copy of the websites you visit. Each time you load the page, it uses the cache and only updates what changed since the last time you visited. If your pages aren't loading now, it's because you were previously looking at the cached pages without being refreshed. Check your internet connection, it's likely not working and therefore not downloading another fresh version of the website.

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