Best Of

This section is for tech that is truly extraodinary because it is low cost (anyone can afford it), highly useful (many people can find it useful), simple, easy to duplicate, and easy to use.


This is an invention that embodies the best of everything.

The “foldascope” is a microscope with 2000x magnification power, is made out of readily available materials to make anywhere in the world, is virtually indestructable compared to any other microscope of any kind, and costs only about 50 cents to a dollar to manufacture! That's just amazing.

The Amber Archive

A project “to communicate our existence to beings millions of years in the future by building an archive of creative human endeavors and sending it to them.”

It is fireproof, waterproof, resistant to many chemicals, not easy to break, and can last millions of years. it could possibly excellerate any future civilizations into advanced science and information within a short amount of time. However, we hope that the information to be stored always represents the very best information we have available so that future civilizations do not repeat our failures.

More coming soon…