Sexual Harassment Allegations

There are a lot sexual harassment and rape allegations coming forth in Hollywood and beyond. The hashtag #metoo in social media, is also allowing people a voice that someone has sexually harassed them or more, in solidarity to allow people to know how widespread of a problem this is for everyone.

It's not just Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein as people are starting to see much clearer now. And it's not even past behavior of another era that was more “acceptable” (it was never acceptable!), like Donald Trump's comments tape recorded about how he can do whatever he wants to women.

This is something that is long overdue to be talking about as a society, and it really needs to be known about how serious it is of an issue. We have all heard some smaller rumors of people in power abusing their power, but it's not talked about much at all for the rightful fear of the victims. There is a silence about it, no one talks about it, and it just simply continues.

It is something that can ruin people's lives, or change their life in a significant way. It can create issues in other relationships, or just make the individual more fearful in general while out and about in society.

It's about power, it's about people who get into power and abuse it. This is about bullies stepping into places of power and then getting their way. This should not happen anywhere. It makes no difference what someone can contribute, if they're harming others in the process. Much of our business culture works in a way that is “dog eats dog,” which creates more people who are willing to seek power that maybe shouldn't be there. It shouldn't be at all surprising that those who seek power are willing to use it to their advantage.

So how do we change it? We talk about it. We get out information and create support so that anyone who is experiencing this, can speak up. Often times people want to speak up, but feel like they can't. There are many reasons for why they can't, and those are the things we need to focus on in improving. If in the end, people feel like they can speak out about someone who harmed them, then we can start removing these people from power. It's people like Donald TRump who get into powerful positions because they can get away with things without reproccussions.


One solution, so that people can come forward about their allegations, is to setup a website that allows people to anonymously submit a statement that they were sexually harassed by someone.

The website could have a built-in questionnaire that is programmed to ask specific questions that can help determine if there was a crime involved, and how serious, or whatever would be the best information to gather. One of the questions could be whether or not the individual would persue legal action if they found out other people had also reported a crime. Then it could calculate whether or not it is something that

The reason for this website, would be to help anyone who might have trouble with reporting an incident, and to provide them with a calculation of how significant this person's behavior was, such as having many allegations against them by others as well. It could add up various factors and provide the submitter a calculated estimation about whether this person is a constant problem and someone needs to do something about it. It may be that “serial” predators may be the only ones caught by such a website.

There could be something like a tally of individuals who posted, and then when it hits a specific calculated threshold, and willing participants to come forward, they could be sent and email letting them know.

One problem with this, is that the website would somehow have to make sure that the individual in question is indeed the correct person. If multiple people are creating allegations for the wrong person, it could be a serious problem.

Another problem may be that it would cause people to report it on the website rather than to the police. Even one time is enough to be illegal and should be reported. It's maybe possible to post this very clearly to the individual posting, and to give them resources and information that might help give them advice on proceeding to submit a report. There could be a lot of information that could help spread awareness about issues surrounding sexual harassment and rape.

It could also be that the website hits a certain threshold and it sends the information to the police for further investigation. Again, it wouldn't be something that would be an alternative to directly going to the police, it is merely for those who have already reported and still want to help others come forward, or a place to report incidents without fear of going to the police or feeling ashamed about something for submitting an accusation.

It would also have to be very precise about how questions were asked and not allowed to have a discussion space or things like that about the predator, as then it could be used for people to collude against someone overstepping rational calculations of whether it was something significant enough. For example, someone is just labeled as creepy even if they haven't done anything wrong, but it is blown out of proportion after multiple people start talking about it and want to twist their stories a little to make it seem worse than it actually is. Maybe a way around that, could be to record all conversations on the website surrounding the issue, and could be used in court.

This website is merely an idea. It might not be a great idea, it might have some issues with it that I'm not thinking about at the moment. It's just worth putting out ideas in the hopes that they could be worked out to become better, or give someone a different but similar idea to create instead.

Or if police already have such databases and solutions, then great, this wouldn't be needed, but somehow I doubt they do because this is a widespread problem and a lot of people don't feel like they have anywhere to go. An anonymous website could be a stepping stone that allows people to submit something without reproccussions, without actually doing something .

In Conclusion

No matter what, this needs to be a discussion by everyone, on how to prevent things like this from happening, and give people the ability to step and do something about their predators. It is a widespread problem that no one talks about, but maybe we should all be talking about it.