Climate Change

The debate that is constantly coming up in discussion, news, politics, and other media, is whether or not climate change is real, and whether it is man-made or not.

The facts:

Nearly all scientists who have deeply studied this topic, have come to the conclusion that it is real and that it is man-made.

We see proof of increased weather phenomenon, destruction of our environment in the form of pollution, ice melting in the arctic, sea water rising, and global temperatures increasing. These are all meassurable and being done so by countless scientists around the world. The data is nearly universally the same conclusions.

The reality

It doesn't really matter to be talking about Climate Change. That's right, it doesn't matter. The reality is that Climate Change is something so large to study, that it's very difficult for the average person to understand, let alone spend the time to study the data to be fully informed.

Right now the door is shut, people decide on their beliefs of what is happening, rather than the facts. Belief is difficult to argue with. Everyone has an opinion and it can be difficult to change. But when presented with overwhelming facts and trusted sources, it becomes much less of a belief argument and more of an obvious problem.

The solution

We need to start focussing on the problem of pollution first. Pollution is easily understood by average people, it is easily seen and measured by local trusted sources (people tend to believe people closer to home to them), it is 100% proven fact from countless examples, and for many it's been something they have directly encountered. If someone really wanted to be able to prove it for themselves, it would be much easier to do than it would be for proving climate change.

If we address the problem of pollution and advocate for cleaner air, water, food, and products, we will end up solving the same problem that is climate change.

Open the door by taking about pollution, talk about where our products come from, talk about industries affecting humans and nature, talk about why switching to solar can be more beneficial.

Stop talking about beliefs and start talking about the facts!