Think outside the box

Your reality is a direct result of the box you wish to place yourself within. You must place constraints on your life to exist and interact with the reality you wish to interact with. Society tries to place constraints upon society to allow the participants to interact within the box they wish to interact within.

Your Box

Call this your play-doh ball of reality. As you move through life, you slowly add pieces of information to your ball. The entire ball is your reality for the given moment. As you add information and experiences, the ball expands and your current reality is now slightly altered. If a very large piece of information or experience comes along, a larger piece of play-doh, it can drastically alter your perception of the world and make you change your given reality. For those of you who have traveled to another country that is very opposite than your own, you have experienced the drastic change in your reality before. Now think about all of the experiences and information which have shaped your ball into your current reality. Now think about all of the experiences and information you have yet to discover. Lastly, imagine what information and experiences others have developed to create their own reality and perspective of the world. As you might imagine, everyone's play-doh ball is very different. So who are we to say what is right or wrong, if we can only see what is right or wrong from our given perspective? We only see what is wrong with the reality (box) we have placed ourselves within, and cannot really understand the reality of another without having experienced and gathered the same information as they have. We may have made our ball of play-doh bigger than other's with more information and experiences, but this should allow us to understand the perspectives of others more clearly, and be able to help them with finding the information which can make their reality even better.

Society's Box

We must refrain from our societal understanding that there is a “one-size fits all” to satisfy all realities. In reality, that is merely a box being placed around society to allow those within the box to interact easier with each other. Unfortunately, once you have placed yourself into a box, you are no longer free to discover what may lie hidden outside of the box. If as a society, we increasingly shrink our box with rules and constraints, we will continually cut people out of the box, while trapping everyone else inside of the box, forcing them to adapt to their new box. Luckily there is always balance to everything in life, and once that box becomes small enough, those on the edge of the box, or already outside of the box, will either revolt and try to break the box open once again, or try to create a new box for the outsiders to interact with each other. Throughout history, this pattern has been repeated thousands of times, and is an inevitable part of human existence. If you think of every alternative to rearranging the boxes, separating them, or anything else, you may discover that this cycle is inevitable until a balance can be created. But evolution provides us with an ever expanding box, with new information and experiences, so the balance needed is always changing. And you operate within your own box in the exact same way. It is ever expanding with new information and experiences, but you must always try to manage the balance of your thoughts and emotions within your current box. This may help to explain why it is so difficult for humans to balance their own box while trying to understand and balance the societal box being created together. It's much like trying to rearrange billions of tiny boxes to fit into a single box that does not big enough to fit them to begin with.