The Meaning of Life

No really, we're actually going to take this one on.

Before we can begin to discuss the meaning of life, we have first realize that life is subjective. Then we have to realize that because it is subjective, there can be no way to really know what the true meaning of life is unless we all literally encounter “God” (or an intelligent creator) someday, or we encounter something that explains everything known in existence for 100% fact.

Why is that? Because there is no way to really prove that each of us exists in the first place, or whether others exist around us. Sure, we can be pretty certain that we do, and famous philosophers like DesCartes have even gone to great lengths to logically prove we exist, but there is still no definite 100% proof. Movies like The Matrix are great examples of alternate realities of something completely different than we believe it to be. There's no way for sure to know if something like The Matrix actually does exist, until we've proven it.

Now beyond knowing if we actually exist or not, we also can't prove that what we see is the same as other people do. Instead of explain that here because we have a long explanation about it. Please click here to read about why we may never be able to tell what exactly others see and experience.

So how can we possibly tell if our life is actually meaningful, or better yet, whether all humans have meaning? The truth is we can't tell. We can only tell what we think, we believe, and what gives us our own purpose. Life is subjective.

More will be added on this topic later, this was just the beginning of explaining that we may never know the meaning of life. For now, see below for attempts by others to explain it.

Attempts at Defining

We've ran across a number of different definitions over the years and would like to provide them as thoughtful attempts at helping us understand the meaning of life. We simply think they are good attempts.

Neil deGrasse Tyson