Life Coaching

When you create value, you create something meaningful and real, as well as create the key aspects which lead to building success. to achieve success, you must create things which will lead to it. If you create a lot of things that are not creating actual value, but rather feel-good place holders, you won't have created a foundation to build upon or maintain that success.

And by success, we don't mean financial success, leadership success, or success in any type of business. We mean success in the form of any type of change that results in improving your life. Sometimes it's better to work on tangible results on a small scale, which build a proper foundation for inevitable larger scale growth and success.

Also, there are many gurus of self-help that will teach you “the way” to get results. Unfortunately, to sell yourself as an expert, you have to show the way to do something as the best possible solution. It leads to claims that there seems to be only one way. If they state it as merely an opinion, it sounds less factual and concrete. People are looking for answers, they're looking for the simplest and best ways to get results, so they naturally want to find those with the answers. they're not looking for people who think they might have an answer. This is not to say that all gurus are doing it wrong or there is a problem with their methods, it's merely something to point out about self-help and life-coaching as you go down such a path.

It is much better to keep in mind that not everyone will travel the same path, and not all advice will work for all people. Instead, you should think about what you can get out of each teaching that can help you move in the positive direction. If you're not, change and move to something else. In the end, there are many many ways to self-improvement which can lead to the same results. Just remember that little steps of success with a combination of tools, can lead you to a much stronger base to build and maintain your successes.