A wiki for maintenance

Create a wiki website that provides information about the maintenance of products, devices, etc.

It would include such things as the average length of time a product lasts, how long you should go between maintenance tasks for each part of the product,

For instance, most modern automobiles come with a manual which tells you things like how frequently to change the oil. It would be a similar concept, except it would be for all products without information about maintenance built into them.

It could also have a calculation of the averages of all products, which can help on all products that do not come with manuals, as well as compare products against other ones.

The reason for this idea, is there are extensive forums for all kinds of products, which are useful for finding such information. But it can be challenging to find, or is not as reliable as if many people were contributing to the information to make one great article.

It would also help people stay organized with things that need maintenance, becuase many people do not stay up-to-date with a lot of their products, and then they fail early or create safety issues.


It could also include a feature to sign up to receive emails when the maintenance is due for each product. Or it could be an app for phones perhaps. There could be various feeds created for calendars that you would just subscribe to, or a general file that you can download that would create them in your calendaring system.

Also, another consideration for the the website, would be to have the community create maintenance calculations for all products instead of what is listed in the manual. Or both. There are some companies which try to make the maintenance intervals sooner than expected, to make profits over the parts, serivces, or materials for maintenance.