Create open source wiki-style legal documents that can be used as guides by the general public and modified by everyone based upon experiences dealing with specified clauses.

It would have to be made clear that one must consult their own lawyer and there is no responsibility held by the website in any way. The information is simply a collection of thoughts to form a document that is not legally binding or legally verified. Over time, people can submit their experiences in using the document or similar clauses, in real life court cases. Over time, the document can be made clearer, simpler, and easier to use for the general public.

It would also have to be clear as to definitions throughout the document. For instance, a place at the top could have a small paragraph with definitions of terms that are use throughout the rest of the document. For instance, in the first paragraph the word “client” can be described and listed by name (and a blank left for the user to fill in the name). Then, anywhere else throughout the document, the word “client” can be used.