Improving Task Bidding Websites

Build a website like or for doing gigs, but without creating a low-ball bidding and to keep industry costs accurate…

1) Each user must list where they are located and only able to submit to local communities first. There is a tiered system which only allows users to post outside of their local communities when they are unable to find good enough services. They would need to provide an explanation as to why they need to access a broader community to get to the next level of extension. The major problem with websites like these, are that those in areas with much lower costs of living, can outbid others to an extreme degree of difference. It leaves out a lot of people, and generates a disparity in local communities by outsourcing jobs.

2) Have a voting system which allows anyone who is reading the post, to be able to suggest what price they would pay or charge for the project. But only those who are not bidding or involved, can suggest prices. You can contain legitimacy by tracking user's suggested prices and compare them with the final accepted bid amount. Over time, those who closest match the actual cost, are given more weight in there suggestions. Like if someone guesses really close all the time, they could have a weight of 5, which would mean their vote is worth 5 times more than someone else's with a wight of 1 (the default). This keeps all services honest and keeps the market level at a reasonable and competative price.