Smart Microwaves

Create a way set timers for your own meals and food. It could help with meals you cook often, Good for kids also.

Maybe even a function to schedule it to cook at a certain time as well. If you know when your dinner time will be, and how long it will take to heat up, you could setup a schedule to have it cook at that time and just pop it in the microwave anytime before that. It could help with cooking large family meals doing many things at once.

Ovens would be great to work this way as well, but that could also be a bad idea if you can't also make sure you people do not schedule things while they are away from the house and possibly burn the house down in the process. This might be true for the microwave as well. Maybe limiting the scheduling time to only a small amount of time before the actual time.

Another idea for programming these, would be to do them through a app, which allows people to control the microwave through their cell phone or home systems. Like for instance, connecting with Amazon, Google, or Apple's automated assistants. The added benefits to something like that would be voice cammands to the assistants, storing the data about your meal in a larger database of possibilities, sharing them with others, and being able to continue to add features or improvements over time to the app, instead of the microwave.