Minimal Stores

Because retail is slowly being replaced by online shopping, here is a method that could help businesses sell more items in a smaller amount of space.

The concept is to have either catalogs or kiosks full of products. The kiosk could also just be a computer searching their website. The customer comes in, searches the products, and chooses the item. The employee goes into the back of the store and brings it out for them to try it. The back of the store is just storage shelving of sorts.

This eliminates or reduces product stealing, product facing/setup, product packaging, cleaning, etc. It also goes in line with the future of shopping which might be augmented reality with virtual products that you try without the physical product in your possession.

This concept is already done in shoe stores and a few other places. Also, in Japan and other countries, there are now giant vending machines with a similar concept. That might be what happens in the future.

Lastly, it could also be combined with ordering items online and then come into store to try them or see them before confirming final purchase.