Ideas to improve Facebook


Facebook needs to separate things with tags. Like for instance, separate general posts with posts tagged with questions or discussions. The reason is that there are so many posts by everyone, and sometimes I would just like to use facebook to help my friends and family with answering questions or providing help, without having to skim through the posts about how they found a piece of toast shaped like an elephant.

Follow Feeds

Allow you to “follow” specific individuals in a separate “feed.” Maybe even have the ability to create multiple feeds. The reasons, is to allow you to follow a group of friends tailored to what you would like to see (just as facebook now allows by “unfollowing” people), but without having to unfollow people to do it. Unfollowing people entirely creates a closed and “cliqish” world where people remain in the box they define for themselves, as well as cut off individuals who do not make friends easily or do not use facebook often enough to remain on people's follow list.

It also allows people to switch between lists depending on what type of content they might be looking for. For instance, some of my friends post different types of intellectual stuff I love to follow, but it often gets lost in the feed of everything else. I would love to be able to switch to a feed of just those friends who post a lot of those types of things. I also have friends who post a lot of humor, and maybe I'm in the mood for some humor. I also would like to know what everyone is up to sometimes, seeing a feed of everyone who is a friend of mine, regardless of whether I want to see thier content or not. Maybe I unfollow someone because they post way too much of something I detest or just not interested in seeing all the time. Sometimes I'm more tolerant of such posts and would still like to follow them, but not have to go in and turn off each person individually every time I feel ok to look at everyone again.

At least having a standard feed of everything, along with a filtered feed, would be quite beneficial.