Do-it-yourself product marketplace

Create a website that creates a hub for do-it-yourself projects. Similar to etsy is for crafts and clothing, but for evertthing else that they don't sell.

It would be a place where people who tinker and build their own things, could build them for others as well, or jumpstart a business with a new product idea without going thr route of needing venture capital funding or websites like kickstarter. If they already have a product and don't wanto go make a huge company, they could either advertise or sell on this website. It could also be localized as well, allowing local searching.

It could also be a resource for customizations. People with the skillset to duplicate things, but in different sizes, shapes, colors, etc.

It could create thousands of mini jobs that people could do in their spare time and eliminate the need for non-customized do-it-all systems like we have today. It could also just open the door to having people turn their hobbies into money makers without having to go into large scale production just to make enough money to be profitable.