Laws to Create

Tracking people

Have a law that requires companies who track people in any personalized way (non-anonymous), have to clearly state what they are tracking and be very clear to the consumer about how they are tracking them.

With big data mining becoming more used, and data breaches becoming more common place, it's best to create laws which protect people's personal information.

Also, it might even be a good idea to include how any tracking data will be used, including anonymous tracking.

Or, anything that can reveal personal information about the individual such as like the pregnant woman at Target. It might also just be a good idea to have a list somewhere on the internet, which states things that would be ok to track and a description of whether it is invasive and non-invasive. for instance, tracking someone's zip code is non-invasive, but what street they live on is invasive.

One such example is European law that already required website owners to post a statement that they are tracking visitor's browser cookies. There can be information tracked in these cookies.

Another example is cell phone apps. It is frankly absurd how current apps do not provide detailed information about what it is they're accessing, retaining, or tracking. The descriptions are so generic that it is difficult to tell what is being recorded. This is a failure by companies like Google and Apple, but it is a problem that needs to be addressed in the laws so that no future technology can duplicate such things. The companies are not going to mandate this, as there is a big money in data mining, and Google, Apple, and Microsoft know this.