Insights into jobs and services

Have you ever want to know more about the behind the scenes of jobs and services? Have you ever worked in a job where you wish you could tell customers or clients some things that would be extremely helpful for performing your job better?

There are often times in any service industry, where customers do the same things over and over again, that if they knew more information, they might not behave or act the same way.

Or if you're looking for a job or career, it would be very helpful to know information about day-to-day work experiences to let you know what you might be getting yourself into.


Event organizers
Events staff is a type of job that is backwards in concept to seeing the final product and being recognized for it. When an event is put on, if everything runs smoothly and everything looks simple and streamlined, it means that a lot of work went into making it so. The end result is less than expected, everything just seems normal and expected. what happens is there is no room for praise unless something about the event was overly difficult to produce. Often times event staff can go unrecognized for all of the hard work because everything went well. Then when something goes wrong, they are beraded for it. It's just a piece of information that not everyone knows, but it would be great if they did. There are a lot of other similar jobs that have a similar situation, we just picked event staff because it covers many jobs and a good example.
If you work in a recycling plant, it might great if people knew how to recycle items better that cause problems in sorting. For instance, one of the reasons for eliminating thin plastic bags in cities, is that they often get stuck in sorting machines and cause entire machines to shut down and hault production until they are removed. I'm sure they would like people to know this, so they will attempt to not throw thin plastic bags away in recycling unless they are labeled as recyclable.

There are likely endless examples, and endless information that could be collected, organized, and delivered to people.

A website that was setup like a wiki would likely be an excellent way to get this information. People could signup, enter information, and collaboratively aggree on the types of information to be published.

The only thing to watch out for, is if industry representatives try to dictacte what information should not be published, like identifying behind-the-scenes practices which are not things they want customers to know about. the website would need to make sure there is not such bias being added by users, and honesty is

A positive thing that such information could do, is to help people show gaps in systems where there is a niche to be filled, things to be corrected, or show industry-wide issues that no one is talking about. For instance, it could draw light on practices that are manipulating customers.