Class projects to build a better world

Create a website where people from around the world can submit project ideas they have for creating a better world.

Those ideas can be searched through by teachers around the world to find projects for their students to create, create a part of, or just use as an example for any teaching purpose. The idea would be two-fold. One, it would help students think about ideas and projects that will benefit the world, provide a space for people to submit ideas they have but do not have the skills, funding, or time to create but would like to have them created in the world, real-life examples for projects to work on, and possibly actually creating the project in the end (or a part of it).

If many students were working on the same project idea, the student or group that has the best project in the end, could be the one submitted back to the website. It creates a model of many different minds working on the same project, giving different perspectives and insights into improving the end product.

The end results could be placed back into the website as open source for anyone to either build upon, or There would be stipulation with copyright that anything built requires the open source licensing on any future iteration so that they are not snatched up by large companies. In the end, the projects would remain as open source for people all over the world to continue to build.

The other advantage to this idea, is the students who worked on the project could gain recognition for their creations and build a portfolio for themselves to showcase what they've done, preparing them for the workforce later.


Could have the project ideas be voted on by visitors, to point out ideas that many people would like to see completed. Possibly even down votes as well, to show that some people just don't want those ideas. But there would have to be safeguards in place for voting so that it does not turn into a propaganda machine of someone trying to promote an idea to gain some kind of return from it. The analytics from the website could also track any extensive inbound links from certain other websites in case there are propaganda concerns.

An additional idea

To add to this, if it ended up becoming an incredible success, would be to add the ability for projects that found a solution to government-controlled things, they could also be submitted to the government for review and decisions to create them.

Our similar project

We are attempting make a similar such portal here on Our ideas section is a resource for ideas for a better world, but we are opening it up to everyone in the world, not just dedicated to classes. The above idea is specifically target towards classes because it would allow the website to be free to have just about any idea imaginable be submitted. Our section for ideas is more selective and filtered by us.