Wireless road sensors

Add wifi sensors into the reflectors in roads that are between lanes in between each lane separation stripe.

The reflectors would be placed close to stop lights and then wirelessly communicate how many cars are passing by. They could be setup to monitor traffic and change traffic lights when there are no more cars coming in other directions. Or they could monitor total traffic on the road to better predict the timers for when it will change lights.

Currently either a temporary machine is placed out at the intersection to monitor, or people are hired to sit at the intersctions to count. These are only done at an infrequent time and may not happen again for many years, even if conditions change. With a wireless system like this, they could be always on and changes could be made rapidly if needed.

In the future, they could be placed in strategic places to predict traffic before it arrives to the stoplight, which could then be programmed with an algorythm to change to light when it sense cars in one direction and not the other.

Issues to address

To guard against faulty readings or abuse, an algorythm can compare it's data to its historical records and determine whether something is wrong so it can notify a tech to look into.