City needs

Build a website that people from the local city can submit ideas for things they would like to see created in their city. People could then also vote on what they would like to see, with either an up vote or a down vote.

The concept is that local businesses and entrepreneurs can see the things that are needed and then try to build something to fill those needs.

Too often, businesses are coming up with ideas, then seeing if there is a market for ideas as their secondary approach. But the best entrepreneurs are seeing needs and then filling them. It would be very valuable to be able to see needs in an easier manner. Sure this can be deduced in other ways, but this just might be an avenue that could generate fresh ideas or solve problems that aren't necessarily apparent because no one talks about them.

Also, the website could link to a crowd-funding campaign by an individual or business that wishes to take up a solution. They could post their solution and how they intend to go about it, and people could donate money to help start it up. There would be no need to duplicate crowd-funding on the website, just have a small excerpt of how they intend to fill the need and link to their own chosen crowd-funding website where they put their project.

If the idea for a need already exists, people could submit what business or organization already fills that need so that it connects people who are looking for a need fullfilled, with what already exists that they just don't know about already.

Issues to handle

The website would have to find a way to filter out complaints from people, because there will definitely be some people just wanting to post complaints instead of actual needs. It would also need to filter out anyone who is both submitting an idea as well as proposing a solution. The voting up and down could help filter that a little.