Quick Tips on everyday living

Here are some quick, alternative tips for everyday living. Bookmark this page to come back often to find ways to do things in your everyday life. If you'd like a version of these that are sent to you by email or on twitter, then Contact us and when we feel like enough people may want something like that, we'll startup routine delivery services to provide them.


Food - for ripening bananas, place them in a paper bag. To make them ripen slower, wrap a piece of plastic around the stem.

Cooking - water boiling over - place the stirring utensil across the top of the pot and it will not boil over

Easy-start barbeque fire - Put charcoals in an empty egg carton, light the carton with a match, and the entire carton will burn leaving ready-hot burning coals.


Wood furniture repairs - for scratches, rub a walnut on the wood, it will cover up scratches!

Clogged drains - pour a half a cup of baking soda, followed by a half a cup of vinegar down the drain, wait a few minutes and then run hot water down the drain.

Screw driver - need a flat head screw driver in a pinch, many electronics power plugs are nearly the same size as common flat head screws.

Cutting grease - Washing your hands after working on a car or something greasy, use Dr. Brommer's soap, it cuts grease really well. Also just use as a strong soap in general. even thought it's made of all natural products, it does an amazing job.

Things that smell - To remove smells from many things, put them out in the sun. The sun is one of the best deodorizers there is! I once had a towel with quite a stench that just wouldn't come out in the wash. Hung it out in the sun for an hour, and the stench was almost completely gone.


Electronics - For batteries, check how much juice is left by dropping it from about 6 inches holding it vertically. If it bounces once, it's still good. If it bounces more, there's little to none left.


Packing bags for a trip - roll up your clothes instead of folding them. It prevents wrinkles, creates more room, quicker, and easier.

Electronics charging - if you need a charging usb port, look at the tv for a usb plug, some have them!

Public transportation security - while sleeping, secure bags by placing your foot in a handle or loop and thieves will think twice!


Pens that won't write anymore - stick the tip in a flame (lighter, match) briefly and then it will write fine once again!

Bug repelant - Drop some basil or rosemary into a fire, bugs stay away!

Survival Compass - if you have a needle or similar, rub it on some clothing to gather static electricity, fill something with water, find a leaf that will float, and place the needle on the leaf. The needle will turn just like a compass. Only difficulty is determining north versus south.

Water - clean water - Fill up one container with water, then put an empty container at a lower level than the water-filled container (just an inch or two is fine), roll up cloth or paper towel or similar and dip each end into each container (making sure to dip into the water). After some time, the water will transfer along the cloth into the other container. It's advisable to still clean the water further, but the cloth acts a little bit as a filter and is better than drinking straight dirty water.

Emergencies Candles - Take an empty soda can or bottle, fill it half way up with olive oil, roll up a piece of paper towel and dip it into the can, let the oil soak up a bit, then light the paper towel. It will last for hours. Candles - Take an empty soda can, cut a vertical slit in one side, then two slits at the top and bottom of the first slit (to make an “I”), peel the pieces back like a window, then place a candle inside. It will reflect light like a lantern. Fire starter - Doritos are flamable!

where to get more “hacks” and tips… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dD0ik9k1844 (watch similar videos)