Do-It-Yourself (DIY) & Open Source

“The mind is like a parachute. It only works when it's open.” - Dr. Seuss

This section is for showcasing alternative ways to do things for yourself, as well as group projects which are a form of DIY, open source. In today's world where many things are store-bought, it's alarming that dIY culture is becoming less and less. But DIY is where innovation, self-sufficiency, and creativity lies, so it needs to be continually promoted as a must-have for everyone to continue in their daily lives.

Advocating for open source

One thing that is very sustainable about open source projects, is the fact that anyone can come along and continue the idea. If the creators have difficulty maintaining the project, they do not have to continue to do so for it to survive. If there is enough interest with enough people, there are usually others who will stand up and continue it on. It is community owned in that regard. In commercial projects, they pretty much start and stop at the discretion of the owner(s) or those in control of the project. Sure, some open source projects can too, but if it's a really great project, then someone else might want to take up the reigns and has all the power to do so.

The thing that keeps people from doing more open source projects, is the need to make money. When society starts to implement universal income, we might very well see a boom in open source technologies. When people will have more free time, there are many who will tinker with new ideas or help to build things that want or need.

The future with open source

The open source movement will change the world forever and solve many of society's problems. Once enough people are free to share, experiment, and build upon each other's inventions, technology will vastly accelerate. What took 20 years to discover, may take only a few months. Instead of the plans being locked away so that a single person can profit on how they did it, leaving others to reverse engineer it just to figure out what was done, the plans will be open to everyone and people will be able to share their ideas and information to improve upon the design. People won't have to wait for some college or company like Apple, to come along with a new invention, they can be a continual part of a new formation and invention, helping to greatly improve it.

Now pair open source with a 3D printer, and you have the ability for anyone in the world with access to a 3D printer (which might someday become commonplace), the ability to print out many materials to build their own products.

You would think this might end up generating more waste in the world if people can just print off as much they want, but in reality it will be quite the opposite. Currently, technology is designed to maximize profits. If you design something that will last forever or super simple, many competitors will pop up duplicating your design, people will be able to build their own, or customers won't need to buy more because theirs lasts forever. Monetary incentive creates many products which are designed to fail at a certain length of time so the consumer will need to purchase more of them later. To learn more about that, search online for “designed for the dump”. With open source, products can be designed to last a long time and therefore you don't need to keep replacing them, which in the long run saves materials. Or they may be build to be more modular, so you don't have to throw away an entire product if part of it fails, you just replace the small part. Repairs can become easier as well. Eventually, they will also be more durable, so they break less often. This will lead to people sharing more because they are not afraid of others breaking their possessions and the ease of making a new one or repairing it.

It will also lead to more inventions and experimentation that can lead to amazing discoveries.

DIY Tips

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