LGBTQ rights

LGBTQ, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Queer rights has been debated over for years now. There is growing trend towards acceptance, and even laws being passed to protect their rights. there were even federal protections put in place in the workplace. But there is still a long way to go.

To help get there quicker, we'd like to point out a few arguments that might help people spur conversation or provide a place for people to be directed to for helpful and concise information.

Best Arguments and Examples

All People Are Created Equal

Our country has gone through decades of civil rights advocacy, protests, and eventually laws to protect all rights.

But it's amazing that people still continue to reject that all people are created equal, regardless of the fact that it says this in our constitution! Not only is it amazing we're even debating this, but that our constitution's words are not upheld. What do people not understand about “all men are created equal?” And “men” should be replaced by “people” as a side note, but all scholars and most people know that “men” means people. All people means all people. We allow people the freedom to be who they are in this country.

We fight a long battle for women's rights, we fight for civil rights, and now we still have to fight for LGBT rights. Seriously, some people just don't get that the end result is that everyone is equal. Everyone! It will eventually sway in favor of LGBT rights becoming a part of life, just as all other civil rights movements have gone. It's just a matter of when people will learn to accept the inevitible truth and just learn how to move the discussion to understanding. Unfortunately we still do not have full equality for women or minorities. Eventually we will get there because everything keeps pushing in that direction, but for now we have to live with the fact that there are still those who do not open their minds to learn and understand.

Someone in your family or a friend is LGBTQ

One thing people do not understand, is how many people are still in hiding. It is still not safe to be LGBTQ because there is still a lot of hatred and ignorance surround them.

What they need to realize, that there's an extremely good chance that someone they know well, they consider their friends or family, is LGBTQ and have not come out to them as being so. If you found out one of your best friends was gay, would you take away their rights, or would you want them to be happy doing what they want to do with their life? The answer always comes back to the simple phrase, “do onto others as you would have done onto you.”

The reality is that many people are still in hiding, and you just wouldn't even know. So what makes them any different than you know them now? If you didn't know, then how can you possibly treat them any different than you know them now?

Here is one example of someone fought against LGBTQ rights and then found out his daughter was gay. It opened his mind to stop and learn, and eventually saw the light and reversed his stance.

Alternative thinking

For those who still do not believe in LGBTQ, here is a video which puts an alternative spin on the topic, to see it from a different perspective.