Workplace Culture

Diversity in the workplace

Embrace diversity and people will become used to being around diversity. Embrace non-diveristy and people will become use to not accepting diversity, that is human nature due to how the brain works.

People often talk about how they put on a mask to go to work. We all do it because we're trying to portray ourselves in a “professional” manner, therefore minimizing the risks of rejection and increasing sales. It is founded on a realistic principle. Every product is sold by beauty, substance, or quality. If it is perceived in the best manner possible, it will be sold more, and ends up being the bottom line to living comfortably or surviving.

But what is never talked about, is that the more we do this cultural “normalcy,” the more we create the need for it as well. The more that we create standardization and normalcy, the more we create false judgment of anything outside of that. When everyone puts on masks, then everyone has to wear them.

If everyone takes off their masks, then it could be seen as normal for a diversity of masks. The end result, is that everyone would become accustomed to differences in the world, and then learn to become more tolerant and accepting of them.


Value Employees

Value your employees input, happiness, and align with their desires to find win-win situations and you will grow much faster. If you do not, you will produce employees which may work somewhat in the direction you want, but their total output will be far less. Here's a great article explaining this simple concept.