About Us

We live in a box. Everyday we drive in a box to another box, where we stare at a box, then we visit a few other boxes on our way home before returning to our box where we stare at another box until it's time to go into a smaller box where we sleep.

Here at TheAlter.net, we choose the alternate path, where we think outside the box. We use creativity to make you think different about the world and view your life and the lives of others. There are multiple ways to look at everything. Our culture tends to believe in one correct way to think and do everything. We discovered a richer life by thinking and doing things different. We would like to share this alternative approach with you, to open your mind to the possibilities life has to offer, or just give you an alternative way of presenting information. Sometimes it's merely the way information is presented, which can produce an alternative perspective about the information itself.

For instance, we believe there's just so much information that can be absorbed in today's world, and most resources for information are extremely wordy. The reason is that it's often the case that information is more enjoyable to read when it is told in a story format, which makes it more relational. It is also lengthy because books need a certain amount of words to be published, and search engines online will usually favor lengthy content because of increase in keywords, as well as calculating how much time someone spends on a page. Attention is profit, the more attention someone can get from you, the more profit there is.

Lastly, it can be due to most writer's abilities to write and write and write to no end, because that's what they do. But for this website, we are choosing an alternative approach, simplifying our content to be more concise and accurate, to give more profound and careful information so you can understand clearly, then go off and use that information to make the world a better place.

We also choose to reduce graphics to concentrate on the information. When needed or helpful, we'll add some graphics, but we aim to be as simple as possible to spend the most time and energy for you and ourselves, in exchanging information.