Our mission for this website is simple, we want to improve people's lives and the world through alternative thinking. There's a lot of things happening in the world right now and we believe there are better ways to a better life for all.

Creating the world we want to live in

Most people want to improve thier lives or those around them. But many times it can feel difficult or dauting to do so. Breaking it down to into simple terms to deal with, in an alternative way, can help to frame it in an easier way.

First and foremost, creaiting a better world has to start with change. You can't move forward without actually changing where you are now. Whether that's by changing yourself or your lifestyle to attract the things into your life that you want, or to actively engage in creating a different world around you.

The absolute fastest way to start to change, is to abandon the things that are not working (or slowly let go of them). But when you do abandon things, you often create a void. that void might bring you back to old habits, or allow new bad habits in. Or if changing the external world, a void can leave an opening to be filled by something else you don't want. So the best way is to also start creating an alternative. Either prior to abandoning other things, or at the same time.

Either way, you have to change something. This website both a guide to making changes, as well as a catalyst of ideas that can bring new and better alternatives to the world. The naming of the website was intentional for that very reason.

Bringing the best in the world to focus

Humans are creative creatures that can build anything and everything we desire. But because we do building just about everything, we often also create a lot of things we might not actually desire, but instead fill a void for something else we need. To build a truly sustainable, vibrant, and connected global community, it would be best to find the core needs we are looking to fill, then create the things which support those needs the best.

Sure we can do an online search for what we want, or find websites, events, etc. dedicated to each of our unique interests, but there aren't a lot of websites which cater to truly narrow down the ways we can build a world of peace, vibrance, equality, and supportive environments for every living thing. This website wants to change that, to bring together the best of the best, or ideas for meeting our needs in an easier way, for a blueprint into what is possible.


More material is being written and will be added to this section as soon as it is complete.