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We always appreciate new content and constructive criticism. If you have something you want to add, please contact us with what you have to contribute. ←——-contact us link…create page just for sending content?

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Sometimes we may take what was contributed and fix gramatical errors, spelling, or even re-write some of it to make it more concise or better worded. We will make sure what you have written, and what we modified it to, is satisfactory to you before we post it.

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You donation goes towards maintinaing this website, as well as creating more content. We have many ideas on things we'd love to add, side projects to help spur chage, and campaigns for making changes in how our society runs. With your donation, you'll go towards hiring more people to support such projects. We really care about what we do, we would love to be able to spen

An alternative way to think about the money you might donate, would be how much value you think it provides to the world or your daily life. If we have created value for you, think about how much it would have been worth to you if you had to pay for it. We know that not everyone has the money equal to the value it provided them, but any amount you can spare will be used for a great cause.

If we do not get any support, then it will tell us that either there is no value in what we are producing, or that people are spending their money on other things that are more valuable. Either way, it will be an indication of how much of our time and energy we will spend on continuing to produce content and projects.

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Love what we do and want to help, join our volunteer base to help us with things we need support on.

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