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Contributers are always anonymous. We believe the best ideas stand alone by themselves without the person who came up with them. It does not matter who you are, what you have or haven't done in your life, all ideas are still valid and can be valuable. Many times ideas can be demonized by those who appose them, by demonizing the person who came up with them. This devalues the content that should stand alone on it's own. We will usually try to keep our content anonymous as it seems fitting to do so.

If you have something you'd like to add to the website, please contact us.


Over the years we've noticed that websites, particularly blogs, have become streams for inputing products and services as advertisements rather than good, quality information. Also, that information seems to feel a bit more empty in value and more about garnering an audience's attention rather than focusing on quality. We want to change that and bring things back to quality and value, so we're writing our articles in a different way. Instead of having them timed like a blog, we've decided to have them organized for usefulness and continually update them until they are superb quality.

Reasons for why people write blogs:

One, it builds new readership by users sharing the information with their friends, which may develop into new readership. That is a form of publicity and advertising.

Two, it makes the website look popular and active. Search engines generally rank websites higher based upon their page views and activity. When there is a lot of new content and people coming and going, it ranks them as more popular. Think about a store-front with constantly changing products that keep people coming back to check out new items. But that is generally based upon fashion, cultural trends, or new technology rather than information.

And three, it makes people feel the need to come back for more or get fed information on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It caters to people's attention. By not really organizing the information in a useful context, it makes a website more like an ongoing story of small tidbits of information. It almost turns is into a form of entertainment like a good book, rather than possibly a resource for information.

And four, there is a bigger chance of some piece of content getting a tremendous amount of hits by spreading virally through social media. The spread is usually instantaneous and then dies off, because people are constantly addicted to new information they can share with their friends. Websites latch onto this concept as a way to continually expand and grow their readership. Many times the viral articles are random articles which were not thought to go viral, and it increases chances of going viral the more content that is created.

Basically, when it comes down to it, websites are constantly strategizing on how to build traffic (which ultimately draws a focus on making more money for profit or sustainability), so everyone is constantly trying to spit out as much information as possible

So, for this website, things are done in a more alternative way, by taking what is written and expand, simplify, and organize articles to continually update and improve the content we deliver.

This website is also about creating quality content for those who find it useful for themselves or to share. It's about delivering timeless and quality content that is giving something back to others and the world to better people's lives and perspectives, which will hopefully make them happier and live in line with their true passions.

On that note, don't be surprised if you read some articles on this website that don't seem very complete or ideally written. That is the point, that everything is always a work-in-progress just like everything in life. The structure is being built, and sometimes you see bits and chunks of it “in-progress” that will hopefully someday turn into a beautiful piece of work!

Alternative thinking

It is normal to resist change and accept what you've always been told or knew, and some people or groups will try to hold onto the power they have worked hard for even though there is a better way. This is anticipated, as some of the most radical and “alternative” thinkers throughout history have been those who have changed the world time and again. Throughout history they have been ridiculed, banned, exiled, jailed, tortured, and even killed. But they saw something they could improve and challenged the “normal” thinking because they saw a better way and couldn't continue doing things the way they had always known.

Today, we live in an age where our ability to speak our minds is more prevalent than ever before. Yes, there is still oppression and intolerance in the world, but we have sure come a long way to being able to speak our minds much easier than ever before. Websites like this allow people to learn something alternative and choose to change or stay the same. Alternative perspectives create diversity, change, and cultures, where people have more than just one option. And when we have freedom to choose between options, we have greater freedom to be who we want to be, which then directly affects everyone else around us.

In summary, TheAlter.net is here to think outside the box and provide another road of thinking or resources for those who think different or may decide these alternatives are worth trying out.

Filtering out bias

We also try our best to filter out any persuasion of topics or content that is meant to sell a product, service, or propagandize in any way. Our focus is on solid, factual, and verifiable information, so we wish to remain as unbiased as possible. Yes we have our own bias of our own personal viewpoints, just as anyone does, but we will always remain open and accepting of alternative ideas than our own. Our only real bias is for ideas are creating value in the world. If there are ideas which are mainstream or common, and they provide value, then there really is no need for any alternatives. If however they are not creating value, or there are alternatives which create better value, then we will tend towards the latter.

Of course we cannot possible be unbiased, and likely do have a bias on some topics, but please feel free to point out and bias you observe and we will deeply consider changing the content to be more unbiased, or even to point out an alternative perspective.

External critique and feedback

Think about this website like a book, it's written with personal perspective, experience, and knowledge. It is not a location for discussion, critique, debate, etc. If you have a different opinion than what is written, great, there are many places all over the Internet and in person where you can debate and find many different opinions.

This is just one view of a topic, and we hope that if anything, we make you stop and think, or stop and question reality by seeing an alternative viewpoint you may or may not have already thought about. In doing so, we believe we can help people see beyond the constraints of their own beliefs, experiences, and ideologies to expand their view of what might be possible. We don't have to settle for the way things are or the way things have been taught to us, there is always a way to see or do something from another perspective, and these viewpoints can help lead us to seeing more opportunities to make changes in our daily lives or in the world as a whole.

As stated above in our section on bias, we are not immune from bias. If you have an alternative perspective from ours which you think is better, please consider contributing your content. But please keep it positive and constructive, we will not waste our time debating you about your beliefs over ours, there are plenty of mediums which you can do such. We may end up using alternative viewpoints to better hone or specify our views though. But we have already ran many of our thoughts through a gambit of mediums and do not wish to continue any such debates on our website or any external website or medium.